March 2, 2015

Wind Tower


uses patented technology and design to exponentially increase electricity generation through wind power.


allows the Wind Tower to be the ultimate compact power generator.


for generating electricity in urban areas.



Through the use of a proprietary tower and nozzle design that captures wind from all directions and accelerates it toward drum turbines, Bahari Energy is capable of creating a wind energy system that is twice as efficient as those currently on the market, at a much more competitive cost, and specifically designed to harness wind energy in previously untapped urban areas.

Our concept is the Bahari Energy Wind Tower, a design based on a Persian baadgir, an architectural device used to create natural ventilation in buildings. Shaped like a rectangular tower, the Wind Tower “catches” wind through a four-sided opening at the top, redirecting it down into the structure. Once the wind is inside the structure, the tower funnels it through special nozzles that accelerate the wind speed. The nozzles lead to drum turbines housed at the bottom half of the tower that convert the wind’s kinetic energy into usable  energy in the same way that a water wheel functions.




Problem: Wind in urban areas is often turbulent, difficult to harness, and currently non-viable on a large scale. Inconsistent wind directions lead to low efficiency ratings, low kilowatt hour production and unfeasibly large blade requirements. Traditional exposed blades also create environmental hazards such as bird and bat deaths. Other consequences – unwelcome noise, vibrations, interference with radar, radio and television signals – all point to an unattractive investment. Small helix-style turbine growth boom has addressed some problems, but has not met the kWh generation needs. For these reasons, high volume investments elude wind energy deployment in urban areas.



Solution: The scalable Bahari Energy Wind Tower delivers electricity in volumes that meet consumer demand while bypassing the existing market entry barriers. Patented, urban-designed Wind Tower technology makes wind energy accessible, efficient, and cost-competitive. The Wind Tower is the ultimate compact wind power generator that generates up to ten times as much output as a helix-style turbine with the same structural dimensions – at lower cost. The technology is supported by peer reviewed published research.



The Wind Tower’s competitive advantages include:

Ten times or greater energy output as compared to market turbines

Environmentally friendly with internally hidden blades

Price stability over 20 to 30 years

Cut-in rate of 1 mph wind speed

Compact size ideal for urban areas

Roof mounted, adjacent to building or free standing structure

Self-supported weight structure

Easy to transport and assemble, with knockdown thermal panels