March 2, 2015

About us

Mission Statement

Bahari Energy offers innovative solutions to our increasing energy demands worldwide with a cost-effective, sustainable, and environmental focus.


Bahari Energy was incorporated in 2009 to research, develop and manufacture a new technology to produce renewable energy at a relatively small scale.  The Founder and CEO Habib Bahari is an aerospace engineer trained at University of Maryland, for 25 years he served as the president of a manufacturing organization with over 125 employees and has extensive experience managing large projects.

Our target customers for the Wind Tower technology are commercial, universities, governmental property owners/managers, residential, utility companies or remote camp areas.

Our comprehensive experience and collective skill set include:

  • Project finance
  • Project acquisition
  • Engineering
  • Construction

Our principals have extensive management experience in the energy and manufacturing business. The Bahari Energy team is an enthusiastic and professional team. The day to day business is performed by Habib Bahari and Navid Goudarzi.



  • Implement Bahari Wind Towers first in the US and then in the rest of the world
  • Develop new innovative energy solutions
  • Establish sustainable relationships with international NGOs
  • Create a financially sustainable firm and become profitable by end of year 2016






Mr. Habib Bahari – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Principal Investigator (PI), Mr. Habib Bahari, is an aerospace engineer from the University of Maryland. As president of  Vartta Industries, a 25 year old manufacturing organization with over 125 employees, Bahari has vast management experience in large, time-sensitive projects, multitasking, sales and marketing, and growing a demanding manufacturing business. He also has significant hands-on manufacturing-process experience, as well as analytical skills and knowledge in aerodynamics,mathematics, modeling and CAD-CAM computer simulation.


Dr. Navid Goudarzi – Technical Development Manager

Dr.  Navid Goudarzi is a Research Associate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland. He earned his MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland. He has been involved in many multidisciplinary renewable energy projects with focus on novel onshore/offshore and small/large scale wind turbine designs for expanding their operational range and increasing their efficiency at lower cost.




Technical Advisors


Dr. Bijan Tadayon,  J.D. – Co-Founder, MaxValueIP, LLC

Dr. Bijan Tadayon, J.D., is a co-founder of MaxValueIP, LLC, an IP consulting firm, with experience in patent valuation, patent auction, patent pool, patent search, patent prosecution, patent validity, and patent litigation support. Their clients include some of the biggest corporations and some of the best hi-tech start ups in the world. For 5 years, he was the Director of Intellectual Properties for ContentGuard, Inc., a major DRM comany,
which is a Xerox-PARC spin-off, jointly owned by Microsoft, Time Warner, and Thomson, with Sony as one of the patent licensees. Content Guard filed about 400 new applications, with 70 issued US and foreign patents, bringing a huge value for its investors. He was a co-founder of an educational multi-media software company. He worked for the Naval Research Lab for more than 5 years, as a semiconductor researcher. He trained more than 100 patent examiners, while he was a patent examiner (for more than 5 years). He has given many invited technical and IP lectures at the US Patent Office. He was involved in the Patent Office Training Advisory Board. He has expertise in many diverse technical fields (Digital Rights Management (DRM), semiconductors, transistors, software, Internet, security, image processing, telecommunication, and data compression). He has had about 80 publications and presentations (related to semiconductors and high-speed transistors), many pending or issued US and foreign patents related to Internet security, digital rights management (DRM), and semiconductors. He got his Ph.D. degree from Cornell University (related to semiconductors and circuits, with Prof. Lester Eastman), and in the early 1990s, he and his brother designed and fabricated the fastest GaAs-based Hetero junction Bipolar Transistor (MOCVD-grown) in the world. He got his BS degree in Applied Physics from Cornell, ranking second in his class. He is also a graduate of the Georgetown Law School


Dr. Saied Tadayon, Ph.D. – Patent Attorney

Dr. Saied Tadayon has over 19 years of experience in semiconductor research & development, computer programming, information technology, product development & design, project management, business development, and intellectual property. He has designed technical solutions for complex and challenging IT projects, and he has successfully led large IT teams in all phases of solution life cycle (proposal, requirement gathering, design, development, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance). He has experience in business and patent consulting, patent prosecution, and creating IP portfolios.


Dr. Jewel B. Barlow – Director, Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel

As Director of the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel, Dr. Barlow has managed the activities of the professional staff and directed the planning and execution of more than 1000 wind tunnel research and development programs on vehicles and other articles for industrial firms and government agencies in addition to providing educational experiences to numerous undergraduate and gradu­ate students. This has included experiments totaling more than 9,000 hours of wind tunnel time on aerodynamics of automobiles and trucks and experiments totaling more than an additional 10,000 hours on aerodynamics of helicopters, aircraft of various classes, wind turbines, submarines, sail­ing yacht sails & appendages, powered yacht superstructure, architectural aerodynamic studies of existing and planned building complexes, aerodynamics of inflatable structures for various appli­cations, a wide range of other applications, and extensive studies for enhancing testing methods.

Dr. Barlow has served as a consultant to a number of companies and directed research contracts for companies and government agencies.

Dr. Barlow’s primary research interests are flight mechanics and applied aerodynamics. He taught undergraduate courses on history of aeronautics, rocket and jet propulsion, astronautics and orbital theory, theoretical aerodynamics, stability and control, airplane design, boundary layer the­ory, engineering analysis, and flight dynamics. He taught graduate courses in atmospheric flight mechanics, atmospheric flight control, compressible and viscous aerodynamics, and helicopter stability and control. He has directed 9 Ph.D. thesis and served on Ph.D. committees of 11 other students. He has directed 15 M.S. thesis and served on many other M.S. thesis committees. He continues to direct graduate thesis research.